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Coco Fiber Terrarium Liner - bean-farm


CrashPad Coco Fiber Terrarium Liner


Coco Fiber Terrarium Liner is for All Reptiles & Amphibians.

Lay down a Galapagos CrashPad in any desert, tropical, or forest terrarium!

Made from 100% coconut fiber, it is easy to cut and work around rooted plants.

This diverse bedding can be used three different ways:

  • above as a naturally absorbent fiber,
  • below for easy cleanup, or
  • instead of bedding, as a soft and cozy liner.

This coco mat is easy to clean and a perfect substrate for Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Horned Lizards, Boas, Toads and similar species.

Comes in a resealable bag and measures 18" x 36" but can be hand-cut.

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