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Vari Flo Drinking Valve for Rodent Watering System


Vari Flo Drinking Valve for Rodent Watering System


Brass Edstrom Vari Flo Valve for 3/16" barb fitting

The Vari-Flo Valve is precision machined from solid brass and is available with 3/16” barb for Flex-Tube system connections. The small diameter of the stainless steel stem that the animal must move to release water and the low force required to move it makes this valve ideal for use with even the smallest of creatures, such as weanling mice and finches.

The rate that water is discharged from the Vari-Flo Valve can be adjusted over a wide range to best suit your animals and reduce the spillage of water into the cage as the animal drinks. The rate can be adjusted from a slow trickle, 20 cc per minute, to a strong stream, 100 cc per minute.

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