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KANE Heat Pads 18 x 28 in. w/Integrated Thermostat - bean-farm


KANE Heat Pad w/Integrated Thermostat, 18 x 28 inch


KANE Heat Pads 18" x 28" with Integrated-Adjustable Thermostatic Control.

Select and maintain the ideal heat mat surface temperature for your pets, small animals and reptiles.

Our state of the art controller will maintain any preselected temperature between 40 and 105F. One unique safety mechanism is our "high limit" setting that self-activates and is relative to the set point of 105F.

When placed inside a confined area the available temperature control rheostat is mandatory. These are not to be covered by substrate or to be used as undertank heaters. Excellent for use with tortoises, monitors, large snakes, etc. UL listed.


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