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Repashy Calcium Plus ICB, 17 oz Jar - bean-farm

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Calcium Plus ICB, 17 oz Jar


Calcium Plus ICB - The "All in One" Supplement Solution.

Calcium Plus ICB is a unique blend of calcium, protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins.

It is designed to be used as the exclusive supplementation for ins ectivorous species. It is formulated to "balance" the nutritional value of feeder insects, and in most cases, to be used with every feeding. It provides all essential nutrients in a one simple to use product. No need for separate vitamin and calcium products.

It contains a proven level of Vitamin D-3, and a proven ratio of Vitamin D-3 to Calcium. It also contains preformed Vitamin A at a 10:1 ratio of Vitamin A/ Vitamin D-3 which is essential to proper nutrition.

Calcium plus also contains Beta Carotene in addition to preformed Vitamin A and is the only Reptile supplement available that contains both. It has been proven that preformed Vitamin A is required via supplementation for Reptiles in captivity. Beta Carotene can be converted by some species into Vitamin A, but it is in doubt that insectivores can accomplish this assimilation. 

Not for human consumption.

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