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Repashy Calcium Plus ICB, 6 oz Jar - bean-farm


Repashy Calcium Plus ICB, 6 oz Jar

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Calcium Plus ICB - The "All in One" Supplement Solution. Calcium Plus ICB is a unique blend of calcium, protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins. It is designed to be used as the exclusive supplementation for ins ectivorous species. It is formulated to "balance" the nutritional value of feeder insects, and in most cases, to be used with every feeding. It provides all essential nutrients in a one simple to use product. No need for separate vitamin and calcium products. It contains a proven level of Vitamin D-3, and a proven ratio of Vitamin D-3 to Calcium. It also contains preformed Vitamin A at a 10:1 ratio of Vitamin A/ Vitamin D-3 which is essential to proper nutrition.Calcium plus also contains Beta Carotene in addition to preformed Vitamin A and is the only Reptile supplement available that contains both. It has been proven that preformed Vitamin A is required via supplementation for Reptiles in captivity. Beta Carotene can be converted by some species into Vitamin A, but it is in doubt that insectivores can accomplish this assimilation. There are many documented cases of Vitamin A deficiency that have been caused by supplements that only use Beta Carotene as a source of Vitamin A. Providing both sources at moderate levels is unique to the Superfoods line. In the mid 90's, there was an uneducated report by a private breeder that claimed Vitamin A toxicity in Chameleons from supplementation that put a scare into reptile keepers. Vitamin supplements soon came out using only Beta Carotene as a reaction to the hype. More than ten years later, we now know that these reports were false, and that vitamin A deficiency from these Beta Carotene only supplements is far more common than any toxicity from products with vitamin A. In fact, the confirmed cases of Vitamin A toxcicity in reptiles is practically nil. Vitamin D-3 toxicity is, on the other hand, a very real concern, and some supplements on the market contain VERY high levels of this vitamin. The ratio of Vitamin A/D-3 is also very important and essential to proper nutrition. Supplementing a Vitamin powder separately from a Calcium/D-3 product allows for great error in the A/D-3 ratio because it is nearly impossible to get the a balance this way. Calcium Plus ICB solves this ratio problem by including the correct ratio in one product, which eliminates the guesswork. We use only the highest and most stabilized forms of vitamins, which allows them to be used in a high mineral product without the degradation concerns that we had 20 years ago (which many people still think is a problem). Certain species require, or are more sensitive to vitamin D supplementation than others. With a balanced ratio of calcium/phosphorous (calculated based on a dusted cricket) and vitamins which are balanced to these mineral levels, the guesswork is eliminated, and the question becomes how much to use. Most species will be just fine receiving insects dusted with Calcium Plus at every feeding, but this can be reduced to once, or a few time a week for sensitive species. The level of Vitamin D-3 used in the Calcium Plus is near ten times less than that of some popular products. Having the proper ratio is the key. Too much calcium blocks and binds gut absorbtion, too much D-3 can lead to calcification of internal organs. With the balanced formula of the Calcium Plus, the only variable left is how often to use it. It contains Three natural pigment enhancing ingredients. First is Haemotococcus Algae (Naturose), which is a source of natural Astaxanthan (Pink, Red and Orange Pigments). This is the carotenoid pigment that makes salmon flesh orange, and flamingos pink. In captivity, Flamingos would be white, and so would salmon flesh.. without supplementation such as the source we use here. We use marigold extract for natural Yellow Pigments.. this carotenod is used in poultry egg production to make nice yellow egg yolks. We also use the finest Spirulina Algae, which contains full spectrum carotenoid pigments.... This unique blend of pigment enhancing ingredients is sure to bring out the brightest colors in your herps... The orange in that Carrot Tail, and the Red in your Bearded Dragon. For additional supplementation, this unique color enhancing blend is available in a "pure" form in the product "SuperPig" which can be further added to this and other supplement products or diets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingredients: Micro fine mined Calcium Carbonate (3-5 micron average size) which is the finest grind available. Vitamin Premix (see analysis for deteais). Whey Protein Isolate (source of isolated protein). Hempseed Flour. Wheat Germ Meal, Brewers Yeast. Rose Hips Powder (source of natural vitamin C) Spirulina Algae (source of Beta Carotene). Haematococcus pluvialis algae (source of astaxanthan red pigments) Marigold Extract (source of yellow pigments). Probioic premix. Roseary Extract, Yucca Extract, Natural Mixed Tocopherols (as a preservative) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directions: Calcium Plus is designed to be used with every feeding in most cases . The best method for application is the“shake and bake” method. Place insects in a plastic bag or container with the Calcium Plus, and shake to coat insects. To further increase the nutritional value of insects, combine this product with the use of the Repashy "Insect Gutload". This formula is designed to be fed to insects before they are fed to animals. It will increase the nutritional value of insects via the containment of highly nutritious food in the gut that will be absorbed as the insect is digested. Visit for tips techniques, and discussion forums. Not for human consumption.

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