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Serpents In The Clouds

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Serpents In The Clouds

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SERPENTS IN THE CLOUDS is a collection of stories with a large snake, Simalia boeleni, the Boelen’s Python at its heart. This three meter long black and yellow jewel of the reptile world makes its home high on the mountaintops of Papua, New Guinea, one of the last truly unexplored and inexplicable places on Earth. This book presents the travels of a snake biologist, Ari Flagle, and his friend, colleague, and wildlife expert, Danny Gunalen. These two explorers trek over the raging rivers on rickety bridges, through clouds of stinging insects and spine-covered vines, and up cloud-cloaked mountaintops in search of this elusive snake. Their ultimate goal is to discover information that will unlock its mysteries for the world's herpetologists, conservationists, and others hoping to solve the baffling mysteries surrounding its life in nature and in captivity.

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