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Powersun Mercury Vapor Bulbs 160 w - bean-farm

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Powersun Mercury Vapor UV Bulbs, 160 watt

$ 79.00

Powersun Mercury Vapor UV Bulbs - 160 watt

These screw-in flood bulbs offer the highest UV output of any product. Our customers have had very positive improvements in their animals with the use of this product.

The PowerSun® UV is a self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp which emits UVA, UVB, and heat all in one lamp! Fits into a standard ceramic socket (No ballast needed). The 160 Watt projects UVB up to several feet from the lamps surface and is ideal for large terrariums or bird aviaries. Features include quality nickel-plated threads to prevent corrosion, and a full one year warranty!

These are not incandescent bulbs. Mercury Vapor bulbs incorporate an internal ballast. These bulbs can take up to 30 minutes to turn on.

Note on Shipping Light Bulbs: Light bulbs are best shipped via UPS Ground. With UPS they are insured where the US Mail is not. 

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