Arcadia LumenIZE is Here

When it comes to caring for your reptile friends, providing the right lighting is crucial. That's where the Arcadia LumenIZE lighting system comes in to revolutionize the way you care for your herps. LumenIZE is an app-controlled lighting system that helps you establish a balanced circadian rhythm.

What makes LumenIZE different?

LumenIZE is not your average lighting system. By providing an illuminative cycle that mimics their natural day-night cycle, you can enhance their physiological and behavioral patterns. A well-regulated circadian rhythm allows for natural sleep-wake cycles, feeding behaviors, thermoregulation, and hormone production in reptiles. This not only helps them maintain a healthy metabolism but also supports their overall growth, reproduction, and immune system function.

In addition to having better daily lighting cycles, you can now create a naturalistic sense of seasonality. With LumenIZE, you can easily change the intensity of both the lux and UV index. Simply open the app, and you can program for any length of duration that you want seasons to occur.

image of seasons created with LumenIZE app

How does LumenIZE benefit your reptile?

By using LumenIZE, you can ensure that your reptile is getting the right amount of UVB light to aid in calcium absorption and prevent metabolic bone disease. Additionally, the UVA light helps stimulate natural behaviors and promotes overall well-being, leaving your scaly friends more comfortable and content in their habitat.

Why choose LumenIZE for your reptile?

With LumenIZE, you can trust that your reptile is receiving the optimal lighting conditions for their specific needs. The system is easy to install and adjust, allowing you to customize the lighting based on your reptile's species and habitat requirements.

LumenIZE lighting systems come in both the ProT5 kits as well as the Jungle Dawn LED kits. There are also adaptors to link from T5 to T5, T5 to LED, and LED to LED. See our Arcadia LumenIZE collection here: Shop LumenIZE

Advantages to LumenIZE kits:

  • Accurate Control – Precision lighting control to meet the specific needs of your reptiles, no matter the season
  • Waterproofing IP65 – This level of water-resistance ensures that your lighting will perform in humid habitats
  • Dimming Features – You can now dim either your LED or T5, which is especially helpful for species that brumate or hibernate.
  • Energy Efficient – 30% more efficient than other Arcadia fixtures
  • Battery Backup – LumenIZE fixtures have a battery backup. If there is a power outage, the battery will keep the internal memory and clock working. When power is restored to the lamp, it will then turn back on at the right position and time.

    Arcadia LumenIZE phone app graphic