Our customers from all over the world depend on Bean Farm to provide trusted reptile husbandry tools at lower prices than big-box stores—this is our story!

Bean Farm was founded in 1991 by the Fagioli family (Fagioli is Italian for “bean”!) and has since been a leading, online retailer of reptile, amphibian, and husbandry supplies. In 2022, the business moved from Carnation, WA to Norman, OK, after the Fagioli's retired to the desert and the Vaughn family took on the operation under their close guidance.

You could say Bean Farm comes from a long line of reptile experts and natural scientists. Adventures in field herping, exploring the flora and fauna throughout North America, sampling local rivers for aquatic life and herps; these are favorite pastimes our family treasures. Patriarch Charles Carpenter was a pioneer of herpetology in Oklahoma who kept us enthralled with his expeditions to the Galapagos. His fascination with reptiles and amphibians was passed down generation by generation and in addition to our reptile supply shop, there's another very important herptiles website in the family—check out the fauna-inspired artwork sculpted by squamate-lovin', Big Herper Geoff at Herptech Metalworks

We know reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates require specialized knowledge and products to be safely kept as pets. We take pride in sourcing great supplies for their diverse needs.

And we will continue providing leading-edge, functional necessities at a great price to herpetologists, reptile keepers, hobbyists, and crabitat owners for many years to come. 

Thank you for your interest in our indie reptile supply shop!