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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
40" Deluxe Field Hook with Rubber Grips
Deluxe Field Hook w/ Grips, 32-inch
Hook, Golf Club Style Grip, 38-inch
Pinner Hook, 38-inch
Reptile Bucket StickerReptile Bucket Sticker - bean-farm
Save 45%
Sexing probe (3-piece Micro Ball tip with pouch)Sexing probe (3-piece Micro Ball tip with pouch)
30x-60x Gecko Sexing Loupe LED Magnifier30x-60x Gecko Sexing Loupe LED Magnifier
Reptile Specula Set for Feeding (Includes 4 Sizes)
Hemostat, Straight 24 in.
Stainless steel hemostat with locking feature
Curved, locking hemostat in open position.Closed, locked position.
Tweezers, 24" with rubber tip
Tweezer, 18" with rubber tip
Tweezers, 12" Stainless Steel
Stainless steel tweezer with red rubber tip
Tweezers, 8"
Bean Farm Tweezers, 8"
Sale price$6.00
Tweezer, 8" with rubber tip
Fine Tip Tweezers, 4"Fine Tip Tweezers, 4"
Venomous Snake Bag with Window (19″x46")
Snake Bags - Large 18 x 36 - bean-farm
UltraShip-75 Digital Scale (with remote display)UltraShip-75 Digital Scale (with remote display)
Pocket Collapsible HookPocket Collapsible Hook

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