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Cork Bark Flats


Zoos around the world use virgin cork bark to create safe habitats. Virgin cork can be used for terrariums and reptile habitats. Can be used for decorative backgrounds, hide areas, basking platforms and more for just about any species of reptile, amphibian, insect and arachnid whether they are a terrestrial or arboreal species.

Sold by the pound. If you have a certain size or quantity of pieces in mind feel free to email us and we can tell you how much they will weigh.

Virgin cork is an environmentally and ecologically friendly renewable product. Virgin cork is the cork bark that comes from the cork tree the first time it is taken from the tree when it is 30 years old. It is too rough and irregular to be used for cork stoppers. It is light weight, rot resistant, non-toxic, soft and buoyant. 
Virgin cork bark is a great medium for mounting orchids or any plant that needs epiphytic-like conditions. It is a natural product, so each piece is unique.

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