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Cricket Shaker - bean-farm

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Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker


Easily coat insects with vitamins and minerals

This handy, well designed cricket shaker make it easy to feed, dust and keep your insects before feeding your animals. Simply slide out the cricket tube (they will run up into it to hide) to shake crickets into your enclosure. Keeps your hands and space clean. 

  • Bug catching pipe lets you easily remove crickets for feeding

  • An amazing time saver!

  • Prevents wasted powder; any remaining can be re-used

  • Slick walls prevent escape of insects


  1. Simply remove the bottom and add your chosen powder.  Screw it on, and then add crickets to the chamber. 
  2. Slide the cover over the opening in the top, and shake to coat your insects in dust. 
  3. Wait one minute to allow excess dust to fall off, then insert the 'bug pipe"

Made by Rep-Cal.

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