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Medium Plastic Hide Box, Side Open

The Bean Farm

Medium Plastic Hide Box, Side Open


Medium size reptile utility hide boxes sized 9.5"x 7"x 2.375" tall. 

These are designed to fit in most major brand 28-quart to 32-quart tubs across the short length of the tub. We like this size for average size adult kingsnakes, cornsnakes, Ball pythons up to 700g and small boas.

Remember, you want to select a hide that will be a snug fit for your reptile. If it is too big it will not offer the security they need.

Made of heavy 1/8" thick polypropylene and are nearly unbreakable. They now feature smooth inner and outer surfaces for ultra easy cleaning.  Unlike competing products, these have the door offset so your snake can really feel secure rather than much of the front being exposed.

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