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Ultratherm Heat Pads 11"x17"


Ultratherm Heat Pads 11"x17"



Made in Scotland, these heat pads are specifically designed for the vivarium keeper.

The same technology as the Flexwatt Heat Tape is used, but it has been manufactured into a pad with an additional polyurethane coating to ensure moisture resistance and durability. These pads are regulated, because of low wattage, to stay between 65F and 95F (depending on exterior temperature) thereby eliminating the need for a thermostat. However, if precise temperatures need to be achieved, use in combination with a proportional thermostat or a dimmer.

Low wattage, long life and excellent cost make these heat mats great for using with herps, hermit crab, and small animals. Comes with 6 foot cord and plug. This is a UL listed component. 22 watts.

UTH, undertank heater under tank heater  

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